Review of the Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline

(Published on 02/04/2019)

Gloucestershire County Council currently commissions a helpline service to provide support to people who self harm, and those who are concerned about them. This service is called the Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline and is provided by Rethink Mental Illness.

The service consists of a:

  • telephone helpline 0808 801 0606

  • texting helpline 07537410022

  • webchat support function

  • Website (includes Information and Advice)

As part of a review of this service, we are re running this survey to find out your views (and also if views have changed since we previously surveyed in 2015) about the service.

We would like to hear from you whether you are someone who might use such a service, either for yourself or to discuss someone you are concerned about. The responses to this survey are anonymous and feedback provided as part of this process will be used to inform our decision making.


Please find below a link to the survey:




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