Community Connexions - Community Transport throughout Gloucestershire

(Published on 25/04/2019)


Community Connexions is a community transport charity providing accessible and affordable transport to people who would otherwise be unable to access it due to physical or mental reasons, or rural or social isolation.


“It’s things like Community Connexions that make life worth living. –Yvonne L.


Yvonne began using Community Connexions when she became too ill to drive. “I first used it to help me take my husband to the GP. Neither of us was in a fit state to walk.” Yvonne’s husband Albert died in 2013 and although she misses him every day, Community Connexions is one of the things that helps enable her to carry on.

“It’s things like Community Connexions that make life worth living. I don’t want to give up my independence. I don’t want to go into care. Without Community Connexions I couldn’t stay as independent.”

A team of volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to take people where they need to go. The volunteers are all DBS checked and specially trained to work with people who are physically and mentally vulnerable.

Volunteers go above and beyond for their passengers, helping them carry their shopping, making sure they get safely back in their homes, and, maybe most importantly, they ask about their day. Sometimes our volunteer drivers are the only people they get to talk to that day. Being unable to access transport can leave people feeling isolated.

“If I didn’t have you, I’d be house bound” – Duds


Duds is 88 and almost entirely blind. She and her guide dog, Ben, regularly use Community Connexions to get out and about.

“Community Connexions has given me a new lease of life! If I didn’t have them, I’d have to stay home. There’s no other transport down here.”

Struggling to get where you need to go. Or know someone who is?


Call us to find out more 0345 680 5029 or visit our website


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