Community Advice Links and Mental Health Support service - Prospectus - 28th May - 16th August 2019

(Published on 13/05/2019)



Welcome to your A-Z Activity Programme


Since the last A-Z, there have been some significant changes to our organisation. As you are probably aware, the Mental Health and Wellbeing contract went out to tender late 2018. We are delighted to have been awarded the new contracts and we will continue to deliver services for the next 5 years. The two contracts are:


  • Community Advice, Links and Mental Health Support Service (CALMHS)

  • Community Autism Support and Advice Service (CASA)

The services will continue to provide Bridge Building support on a 1:1 basis in the community to support you to engage and link with community resources. We will also continue to support you to develop the Peer service which has been a great source of support to many people over the last 5 years. There will now be two Bridge Building Teams led by Emma Royer and Sue Tomlinson and a Peer Team led by Simon Price. All three of them will be known to many of you, so if you have any questions or queries about any aspect of the services then please do not hesitate to talk to one of them. Also if you have any suggestions as to how the service can grow and develop, please do share your ideas with them.


The A-Z has many varied activities and hopefully you will find something that inspires you. A number of activities are facilitated by peers and this is a fantastic way to build support networks to share experiences and interests. So, if you would like to think about using your skills and talents to help support others, or you have ideas for new and exciting activities, then please do speak to Simon or your support worker.




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